Compensation Claims For Slip And Fall Accidents In The Home


One in ten home owners will have to make a compensation claim for bodily injury against their home insurance according to the National Safety Council. Claims for bodily injury vary widely, from slip and fall accidents to dog attacks. The average compensation payout is around $18,000. The National Safety Council reports that around 150 Billion per year is claimed for unintentional at-home injuries, with most of that being paid out for medical expenses and lost working time. One of the key issues around assessing compensation claims is who is at fault.


Determining the Value of Your Slip and Fall Accident

When we invite someone into our home, whether that person is a friend and guest or a tradesman, they have a reasonable expectation that the home environment is safe. If we own the home the burden of home safety falls squarely upon our shoulders. If the property is rented, many of the same responsibilities fall to the renter, although there are some mitigating circumstances. It is a duty of care that home owners or occupiers ensure that their property is maintained to a reasonable standard. If we have a tradesperson come onto our property with the express intention of fixing something and they have a slip and fall accident then it is most likely that their professional indemnity insurance or workers compensation will cover any expenses arising from the injury.

If a friend has a slip and fall accident in the home then this may be a somewhat trickier matter to resolve. The crux of the matter will lay with apportioning blame. Was it your friends drunkenness that caused them to not see a child’s toy on the floor and trip over it breaking all their front teeth? These matters can ruin friendships. Particularly if there is no insurance to pick up the dentist bill. If the home is covered by insurance, then the matter may be relatively simple. The insurer will apportion responsibility and if your friend agrees then they insurer will pay for the treatment. If your friend does not agree with the decision then they may choose to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation.

Home Insurance

We have house insurance to ensure that our loved ones and friends are protected from the random accidents that can occur within the home. Those who rent a house can take out renters insurance to ensure that the guests that frequent our homes are covered for any accident that may befall them. Home owners can top up the home insurance cover with Umbrella cover which extends the policy to cover larger amounts for personal accident and injury claims. This may be advisable for those with larger homes with more facilities such as a swimming pool or sporting facilities such as a tennis court. Even a simple basketball hoop in the driveway can be a source of personal injury compensation claims.

No matter how much we may make our homes accident proof, we cannot prepare for every possible permutation. A comprehensive home insurance policy will give you peace of mind. You can be assured that a claim for personal injury compensation will be directed to the insurer and not against you personally.  If you have had a slip and fall accident in the home contact Injuries Law Firm or contact Us