Ideally located to the Byron Bay area, my studio offers a wonderful environment to have some beautiful family photographs taken. Byron Bay is popular as a world class destination, so it makes sense to take advantage of the scenic beaches, the beautiful lookouts, the lighthouse, the busy and colourful street scenes to capture some great and memorable family photography Byron Bay

What are the words we can conjure up when thinking about Byron Bay as a photographic destination. Colourful, eclectic, beaches to die for, stunning coastlines, majestic lighthouse, ambient eating areas, bazaars and multi-cultural shopping, perfect climate and diverse. Esay to see why you would love to have your family photographed here and to revisit your stunning family photography album time and time again.

Many people take the opportunity to visit Byron Bay through out the year from the large cities. Who says you can’t take that opportunity to book in a family photography session then. You are all relaxed. You can capture some very laid back casual photographs that scream holidays! Your album can be delivered straight to your door anywhere in Australia, after the shoot is completed and it has been edited and the album designed. This is probably a wonderful opportunity to be able to have the family all together and who knows, maybe there are some extended family holidaying at Byron Bay as well, and you might like to capture everyone in a candid and appealing memory.

Byron Bay is surrounded by many places that are within a short drive and offer more diversity for photo shoots. For example the Minyon Grass picnic area is perfect for a family gathering, and you could organize a picnic to enjoy on completion of the photo shoot. Also within a reasonable distance of Byron Bay is the infamous town of Nimbin. What a kaleidoscope of colour and uniqueness and how we could capture some awesome photographs of you and your family enjoying this sleepy little town.

Rainforest areas abound and quiet secluded beaches are plentiful in and around Byron Bay. Think about family, think about family images on your walls. Think about a good time to give us a call and book a session now. You won’t be disappointed. Byron Bay is famous and beautiful. It is the perfect place to create stunning and timeless memories.

The climate is conducive to work in and to have your photography done. Byron Bay has a pleasant sub-tropical climate that is rarely too cold, and even on the hottest days, the sea breeze cools you down. The actual location of the photo shoot can be decided as the day gets closer, depending on whether or not the day is likely to be warm or cool.

Do you love your family? Are they worth the investment to have them captured on camera and displayed proudly in one of our stunning photo albums? Of course they are. I love my family, and treasure the images I have of them.  Family photographs are priceless. Learn more:

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