Keeping a roof over your head in Brisbane is either done by best roof restoration Brisbane or commercial roofing Brisbane professionals. Today we are going to discuss the various types of roof renovations.

House Hold Restorations

Many residential homes will need to either have their roofs re-roofed or have a roof restoration.

Re-roofing a property is expensive but can also add great value to your home is you intend to sell it in the near future.

On the other hand a roof restoration is a lot more affordable and some companies such as Brisbane Roofing Services offer a 15 year warranty on all of their work. The roof restoration process can be broken down into 6 steps:

  • Set up and put into place all necessary safety equipment according to local government standards.
  • Inspect to roof for broken tiles or rusting metal and repair the damaged structures.
  • Blast the roof with a high pressure water hose to remove any moss or debris from the roof.
  • Paint a sealer coat to ensure that no leaks are left uncovered.
  • Paint two layers of a roofing paint such as Terry’ Topcoats to the clients choice of colour.
  • Apply a glaze coast that comes with a 15 year warranty

Commercial Roofing.

Commercial buildings such as warehouses and storage facilities will often need repairs especially after one of Brisbane’s tropical storms which can blow entire sheets off factory roofs. These sheets usually consisting of corrugated Iron that is galvanized to help prevent corrosion from be exposed to harsh weather. In many cases commercial roof restorations can cost up to $10,000+ In most cases a re-roof is required especially after a heavy hail storm which is a frequent event in south-est Queensland.

Video of a roof restoration.

In the video above you will notice the basic routine when it comes to a domestic roof restoration. Obviously you would up scale the operation when it came to applying the same routine on a large commercial property. Think of buildings such as museums and art galleries for example. They have massive roofs that would become costly if they developed a leak!

When is it time?

The time to get a roofing inspection is either based on a regular routine or an obvious roofing problem. Professional roofing companies like Brisbane roofing services may even use a drone to fly over and inspect the roof. The roofing professional will then analyse the footage and come up with a plan that either re-roofs the premise or involves a roofing restoration.